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Parasite SEO

If you are getting started on a shoe-string budget and are looking to rank quickly, parasite hosting is a great way to go.  Inexpensive, quick, and effective, parasite SEO is the colloquial name coined for trusted/authoritative sites that allow you to publish content. Hundreds of these sites exist, the primary benefit being you’re able to leverage their existing link equity, authority, and trust to get YOUR content ranked.  Utilizing these sites for SEO is simple, and you’ll find there is a much lower bar on the quantity (and quality) of links required to rank the content effectively.

Publish niche-specific content and back link like mad until it ranks.  Simple enough, eh?

This process can be accelerated and amplified by utilizing several parasite content sources simultaneously.  I find it most effective when I publish the content as informational (link-less) and make edits once it’s ranking.  I’ll provide some examples of usage of this tactic in future posts.


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