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Considering Pay For Performance SEO? Guaranteed Rankings Exist, But Do Your Research.

The SEO industry has become clouded by the propaganda spread by both search engines (Google, specifically) and the so-called ‘community leaders’.

Without a doubt, the world of search engine optimization has changed since the integration of Google’s Panda & Penguin search-algorithm updates. Content creation and external link building has had a massive facelift. Long gone are the days of directory blasts, mass article submissions, and paid links.

However, when it comes to selecting your SEO provider, one universal truth remains unshaken by the industry’s recent turbulence: can they deliver results?

You know: traffic, rankings, conversions, and ultimately ROI.  Isn’t that the reason you hired them in the first place?

There are only a handful of ‘actual’ performance-based SEO agencies that deliver real results.

Some will charge you massive up-front fees or for minor ranking improvements.  Other ‘guaranteed rankings‘ agencies will only charge for page 1 rankings, but with a catch: the agency selects the keywords for the client. In many cases, these are obscure, low-volume terms which are brand-oriented or extremely long-tail with a negative ROI..

The true gems in this rising industry are the agencies that work for free. Yes, there are a few loyal leaders who stand by their word and charge absolutely nothing until page 1 rankings for highly-relevant  queries are achieved.

Tactics & Strategies

When seeking a pay-for-performance agency, make sure you ask the following questions up-front:

  • What type of content and links will they be driving to your site?
  • How long do they anticipate it to take to rank on the first page of Google for your keywords?
  • Do they have case studies of prior clients available for review?  References?


Our Recommendations

ResultFirst San Jose, California Manish Mehta 888-512-1890

Red Evolution Barrow-In-Furness, United Kingdom David Robinson 44-01224-443551

imwave, inc. Reston , Virginia Tony Pantano 717-801-1506


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