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Best Social Media Management Tools For Brands

Using the right social media management tool will help a company in reaching their target population. This provides business owners with the ability to engage their desired audience to gain clients or business partners. Social media management tools for multiple brands or accounts also helps a business owner in properly organizing and monitoring traffic and feedback.

However, choosing the social media management tool that best suits the company requires thorough evaluation. Companies should first assess and focus on their desired market. This involves properly analyzing the business or brands’ target market and setting precise objectives and goals. There are social media management programs that are ideal for individual accounts in addition to others that have proven useful for many companies.


Sproutsocial is a social media management program that allows users to control multiple accounts and brands. This tool provides companies with reports that are ready for presentation. It also lets them listen to their audience and view the trending topics or keywords. Sproutsocial is being used by a number of large companies around the world.

SproutSocial Features

Publishing of Messages to Multiple Accounts

Sproutsocial lets companies publish messages to different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Users can post messages to many different accounts at the same time with the use of one program. Sproutsocial also provides a detailed review of messages for the user to approve. This helps in avoiding unnecessary posts while keeping the audience updated on the company’s latest programs and events.

Detailed Reports

Sproutsocial provides users with detailed reports for any package chosen. This feature is unlimited and allows the users to view the reports and have it ready for presentations. It provides information on the traffic and feedback from the audience per message posted to help users identify the effective topics or posts. These reports and documents can even be downloaded through CSV and PDF exports.

Scheduled Messages

The social media management program allows users to plan and schedule messages and their time of delivery. Users can also determine the date for posts scheduled for the whole week or month. The information is saved on the Sprout Queue and will be delivered precisely as scheduled. It can also be published to multiple accounts or social media networking sites simultaneously.

SproutSocial is currently offering a 30-day trial of their service.



Sysomos is another social media management tool that allows companies to monitor and control multiple accounts in real time. The program lets users listen to trending topics and news from different online sources including social media networking sites, blogs and other websites. It allows companies to monitor social media sites, engage and connect with their audience, analyze data and manage their accounts all in one program.

Sysomos Features

Wide Range of Social Media Sites

Sysomos is among the leading social media management tools that allow users to view reports and traffic from multiple useful sources. This includes forums, news sites, blogs and social networking platforms. The program provides users with real-time updates on popular topics and posts from all the given sources. It give has access 100 billion posts from around the world that can be useful to the company’s evaluation and analysis.

Facebook and Twitter Account Management

Sysomos allows users to monitor and manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to identify analytics and traffic. They can view competitors and other similar companies through the reports. Users can also monitor multiple Facebook accounts with different brands all in a single dashboard.

Sysomos provides companies with detailed reports on trending news and topics from billions of Facebook and Twitter users. It allows them to schedule messages and posts depending on the most active hours and days. The program also provides necessary information on the users such as their location, gender and posts. This helps companies in identifying future business partners and clients.

Automated Sentiment Analysis

This feature from Sysomos provides users with timely reports that can help them distinguish useful topics from the ones with low audience feedback. The program has an automated sentiment analysis engine that can be used in several languages to let the company reach users in specific locations. This feature lets companies discern positive sentiments from negative ones in order to monitor their strategies’ impact on their audience.

Customer Support

Sysomos has a team of experts who are willing to help users with their concerns. They also aid companies in producing the best social media marketing strategy for their business. These experts have years of experience that can provide guidance for companies.

Brand Monitor

Brand Monitor is a program that lets users manage their social media accounts with multiple brands. The program provides users with a number of features and benefits essential in starting with social media monitoring and engagement. It can be accessed through a paid or a free account depending on the user’s requirements.

Brand Monitor Features

Audience Engagement

Brand Monitor lets companies engage themselves with several social media conversations in one dashboard. It allows them to post messages to Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts simultaneously. The interactions with clients and other followers can be shared or emailed to team members in order to collaborate and decide on actions without having to be physically present in the office.

Brand Monitor allows companies to control their social media accounts right through the program’s dashboard. Users can reply, send tweets or follow other users without having to leave the program. Posts can also be scheduled per day or month, and previous ones can be viewed through the archives.

Real-Time Listening to Conversations and Posts

Companies can actively listen to certain social media sites to find useful topics or keywords. They can view positive and negative sentiments from their followers or audience and have it evaluated. Users also have a customized dashboard that provides information on trends, posts, graphs and sentiment meters.

Social Media Filtering

Brand Monitor has a feature that filters social sites, date ranges or audience sentiments depending on the company’s needs. The tool also allows companies to compare their accounts and find the brands with the most traffic. This helps them improve the other accounts to invite more people to follow and become clients. Band Monitor also provides important information on competitors and other brands that can help companies enhance their services or products.

Reliable Analytics and Reports

The program gives companies accurate data on their reports and analytics. It carefully evaluates issues and posts that are useful to the company. The tool also helps users in determining the important trends and focus on essential conversations.

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